Electronic Assembly (Circuit Card Space Assembly)

Company Name:
BAE Systems
Assembles and/or modifies moderately complex electronic and mechanical components, subassemblies and systems.
Assembles, modifies, reworks and repairs electrical components, assemblies, subassemblies and moderately complex modules by interpreting schematic diagrams, process sheets, technical drawing package or other specifications. Inspects results to ensure conformance with requirements and performs rework as needed.
Verifies producibility of products during the first piece process.
Adjusts component configuration and performs coplinarity on items such as quad pacs to specific dimensions per prints/processes and MCS's.
Performs hand solder operations in compliance with military and/or Company standards at all stages of assembly including rework operations.
Performs tasks of lower level assembler job description as needed.
May cross-train other assembly positions.
Performs other duties and responsibilities as required.
Required Education: High School Required Experience Rquired; Skills: Requires two (2) to three (3) years of electronic assembly experience. Must achieve specified solder certification in various assembly/soldering techniques per Company and customer standards and perform basic hand soldering tasks. Able to interpret and work with wire lists, schematic diagrams, process sheets/route cards and technical drawing packages (i.e., ECO's, parts lists and PRN's). Able to use hand tools. Able to operate various equipment. Able to use measurement tools and devices such as scales, micrometers and calipers. Able to identify, form and mount components. Able to prep, crimp and set-up tools for conductors. Able to perform layout and bundling techniques on harnesses. Able to mix and apply various adhesives and bonding agents. Able to cross-train other assembly positions. Preferred Skills: -Aerospace assembly experience. -Knowledge and/or certification of Lockheed Aeronautic Specifications -Knowledge and/or certification in NASA specification- NASA 8739.2, NASA 8739.3.
ERPcode: OpsERP2014
REQNUMBER: 32545234

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